WE make your WEDDING DREAMS come TRUE.

Together, we have the vision with Colors of Love to highlight the uniqueness of each individual and show how love can be so different and yet so alike.
It is your colors, your traditions and stories that embody you.

AND this is US •

Johanna Lampe


🧡 Hi I’m Johanna – I love sparkling water, my dog, the sea, the evening light on summer vacation and the balmy summer evenings with friends and a glass of Aperol.

🧡 My wish for C.o.L.? – To create unique weddings, because my heart burns for weddings.

🧡 What is a successful Wedding Experience for you? Life is way too short, we should enjoy the time and try to create something great together. On the personal journey to a wedding or even after, we can create the most amazing moments.

Sinja Berndt


🧡 Hi I’m Sinja – I love the moon and have a fondness for Bollywood movies! I am happy when sand sticks to my skin and I can smell the sea!

🧡 My wish for C.o.L.? To once organize an Indian wedding with all its colors and traditions! That would be my personal highlight!

🧡 What is a successful Wedding Experience for you? – The time you consciously take to prepare for the most beautiful day of your life. Time is something very valuable. When we become aware of this, we can perceive the small moments differently and celebrate them even more!

Wedding Experience

Because weddings are more than just a beautiful day with a stunning location, the perfect dress and excellent catering. They are an eternal experience full of love and emotions.

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Together we will create your custom Wedding Experience to celebrate the unique love that tells your story! Let’s create unforgettable memories together!