Because weddings are more than just a beautiful day with a stunning location, the perfect dress and excellent catering.

They are an eternal experience full of love and emotions.


Our vision is to highlight the uniqueness of each couple and show how different and yet so alike love can be. It’s your colors, your traditions and stories that make you and your wedding special – an unforgettable Wedding Experience.




Most of the time it is the journey and the anticipation of something that makes the time together special.

We want to create unforgettable planning moments for you.



You want a personal and amicable accompaniment?

We are here for you, feel with you and look forward to working together.



This day and the way to it, is probably one of the most important in your life.

We value our couples’ trust immensely and are happy to be a part of it.

we CARE about YOU.

We from Colors of Love, want to make you feel safe, comfortable and full of anticipation for your biggest day! You can be sure: we will be with you, put our full passion into every detail of your imagination and above all: stand by your side as friends.

KIND WORDS of our inspiring COUPLES •

From day 1 we noticed how organized everything was and it was a wonderful experience to just have to pick, say yes or no and just enjoy. It was so easy to hand over the responsibility for our big day and the preparation time was really relaxing. On the day itself, everything was managed and coordinated. We had the best service providers and the best location and the most beautiful wedding ever. When we experienced and saw everything we were close to tears: everything we wished for was served to us on a "silver tray".

Annemarie x David

After our first meeting we were immediately totally enthusiastic. We have booked a full planning, which was top organized, professional and carried out with a lot of empathy. Whether it was the decoration, the location, the stationery or other things, our taste was always immediately met. As if we have known each other for a very long time. It was a great feeling to just "sit back" and leave our wedding project in creative and dedicated hands. All we had to do was choose and say what we liked, all the work around it was done for us. Simply great with what a commitment and passion the work was done. It was a nice and comforting feeling to have someone by our side on our big day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything!

Juliane x Paul

Thanks for the great support. We really didn't have to worry about anything and could fully concentrate on our guests. It was a huge gift for us. It's really hard to put into words how terrific it all was - how great that is when you're just allowed to indulge in the celebration and know everything is in very very good hands. It was a wonderful feeling.

Sabrina x Nils

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